Bruno Borges tweeted
Gamboa Project is live with archetypes for MongoDB, CouchDB and Java EE 6. Wicket + Scala at #apachecon #JavaOne

Thu, Dec 8 at 12:24PM

@Cecile_Talend tweeted
RT @talend: Interesting #ApacheCon filmed session about the deployment with ACE and Karaf. With @jbonofre: #Talend

Tue, Nov 29 at 6:45AM

Carlos Sanchez tweeted
Finally done uploading all my #ApacheCon Vancouver photos

Mon, Nov 28 at 12:20PM


Thanks to our very own Sally Khudairi, VP Marketing and Publicity, the ASF's 10 years shout out was recently displayed on New York's Times Square and in Las Vegas - and we have visual evidence! 

Fri, Nov 20 at 9:17AM


As mentioned in a previous post, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums have recently recognized The Apache Software Foundation for a decade of open source leadership and technology innovation. Mayor Dellums proclaimed November 4th, 2009 as the Apache Software Foundation Day! Here are their letters, as presented last week at ApacheCon US 2009 in Oakland, CA. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

Wed, Nov 18 at 9:20AM


ApacheCon US 2009 Closing Press Release; California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums recognize The Apache Software Foundation for a decade of open source leadership and technology innovation

Wed, Nov 11 at 9:06AM

If you missed out on participating in the MyApache video campaign, you can still send us a shoutout! The first of our films from ApacheCon is online at Are you a polyglot? If so, send us your greetings! If not, send 'em anyway! We don't want to miss you! Also, be sure to follow the hilarious path of the moustache

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Sally Khudairi posted SCALE 8X Call for Papers Now Open!

ApacheCon Community Partners SCALE have just announced the Call for Papers is now open for their upcoming conference in Los Angeles in February. Eary Bird Registration coming up soon as well. For more info on SCALE 8x, check out

Sun, Nov 8 at 7:25PM (0 comments)

Hey everyone! ApacheCon Community Partners NLUUG have given us early access to their Call for Abstracts for their Spring conference in The Netherlands. Here's a great chance for all you SysAdmin experts out there to get in front of a fun community at a beautiful location (and wonderful time of year). Show 'em what you got! So while the Call for Abstracts is not yet open to the general public, you can check out what it's all about at [read more]

Sally Khudairi: Also -- feel free to contact Armijn Hemel for more information. Cheers.

Fri, Nov 6 at 1:45PM (1 comment)

Shane Curcuru posted Program guide available in PDF!

Be sure to check out the complete program guide in PDF, including all sessions, time grids, and speaker bios plus more.

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Grant Ingersoll posted Key signing?

I likely missed it, but could someone point me at the keysigning party info, assuming there is one? Thanks, Grant

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howard d posted Art Gallery Crawl on Friday

While in Oakland, do as Oaklanders do.... The first Friday of each month is Oakland's famous Art Gallery Crawl, called Art Murmer. It includes a gallery on 14th, near Broadway and several other galleries near Broadway and 20th. See: and for a map. While most galleries are open from 6 pm onwards, one is open at 5:30 -- This is the Joyce Gordon Galler... [read more]

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Sally Khudairi posted Any spouses seeking sightseeing?

Hello all -- my sister is here in OAK with me for a few days (her first trip to the Bay Area) ... if anyone's brought their spouses along, and are possibly interested in tagging along for some short day trips and sightseeing jaunts, do let me know! Thanks :-)

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Scott Lamons posted Getting to the Marriott

Regarding the Bay Bridge I was checking out info this afternoon on the BART... Looks like the 12th St. Oakland City Center Station is only a block or two from the Marriott. Around $16 round trip from/to SFO.

Fri, Oct 30 at 5:58PM (0 comments)

The Bay Bridge (the main commuter artery in the Bay Area) is currently closed for emergency repairs, with no official ETA on when it will be open again. More details and links to where you can get status updates can be found on the ApacheCon wiki... (And if you notice a significant change in status, please update the wiki with that information)

Olivier Dobberkau: Thanks Chris for this Information!

Fri, Oct 30 at 3:02PM (1 comment)

Sally Khudairi posted HALO/Foodie Dinners – ApacheCon

We're doing it again! As we're closing out our ninth year, the Sally/HALO/Foodie Dinners at ApacheCon are going from strength to strength, with great destinations, and fun company. The Foodie Dinners are proving to be quite popular, with the upcoming event in Oakland already close to capacity, without any announcements/publicity until now. Unlike most ApacheCons, where the dinner location is revealed at the very last minute, this time is differe... [read more]

Martin Taylor: can I get in on the standby list? Thanks
Sally Khudairi: Still at capacity. Debbie's in, Noirin's out. Martin's in, Ora's out. Grant Ingersoll waitlisted. Allergies/aversions noted. Christian: no liver. Ross: tomato allergy. Glen: egg white allergy. Sally: no fish or mollusks (other than scallops) as prima... [read more]
Sally Khudairi: Ross is out (Wookie conflict), Grant is in (no lima beans). It's the Shell Game! Mike and Rohit are on standby. Kitchen notified. See you soon!

Fri, Oct 30 at 9:09AM (11 comments)

I'll be around for the week after the conference, and was wondering if anyone else might be interested in a couple of days hiking in Yosemite, heading down the Pacific Highway or anything like that?

Grant Ingersoll: Would so like to go hiking in Yosemite, but, alas, am leaving on Saturday. I did put up for during the week activities.

Thu, Oct 29 at 6:09AM (1 comment)

We've scheduled a meetup on Tuesday in Room 5. Stop by and learn about Maven 3. Sign up and suggest agenda ideas here:

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There's still time to register at the best rates - checkout the one week extension to the Early Bird rates - you have until Friday, August 21st to get your discount.

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Shane Curcuru posted Registration is open!

You can Register for ApacheCon US 2009 now!. Be sure to sign up soon, since early bird rates end on August 14th. We'll have the preliminary session schedule posted this week, so stay tuned!

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